Source code for safe.impact_functions.volcanic.volcano_point_building.test.test_volcano_point_building

# coding=utf-8
InaSAFE Disaster risk assessment tool developed by AusAid and World Bank
- **Impact function Test Cases.**

.. note:: This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
     it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
     the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
     (at your option) any later version.

__author__ = '[email protected]'
__date__ = '11/12/2015'
__copyright__ = ('Copyright 2012, Australia Indonesia Facility for '
                 'Disaster Reduction')

import unittest

from safe.impact_functions.impact_function_manager import ImpactFunctionManager
from safe.impact_functions.volcanic.volcano_point_building.impact_function \
    import VolcanoPointBuildingFunction
from safe.test.utilities import test_data_path, get_qgis_app
from import read_layer
from import SafeLayer

QGIS_APP, CANVAS, IFACE, PARENT = get_qgis_app()

[docs]class TestVolcanoPointBuildingFunction(unittest.TestCase): """Test for Volcano Point on Building Impact Function."""
[docs] def setUp(self): registry = ImpactFunctionManager().registry registry.clear() registry.register(VolcanoPointBuildingFunction)
[docs] def test_run(self): """TestVolcanoPointBuildingFunction: Test running the IF.""" volcano_path = test_data_path('hazard', 'volcano_point.shp') building_path = test_data_path('exposure', 'buildings.shp') hazard_layer = read_layer(volcano_path) exposure_layer = read_layer(building_path) impact_function = VolcanoPointBuildingFunction.instance() impact_function.hazard = SafeLayer(hazard_layer) impact_function.exposure = SafeLayer(exposure_layer) impact_layer = impact_function.impact # Check the question expected_question = ( 'In the event of volcano point how many buildings might be ' 'affected') message = 'The question should be %s, but it returns %s' % ( expected_question, impact_function.question) self.assertEqual(expected_question, impact_function.question, message) # The buildings should all be categorised into 3000 zone zone_sum = sum(impact_layer.get_data( attribute=impact_function.target_field)) expected_sum = 3000 * 181 message = 'Expecting %s, but it returns %s' % (expected_sum, zone_sum) self.assertEqual(zone_sum, expected_sum, message)
[docs] def test_filter(self): """TestVolcanoPointBuildingFunction: Test filtering IF""" hazard_keywords = { 'volcano_name_field': 'NAME', 'hazard_category': 'multiple_event', 'keyword_version': 3.2, 'title': 'Volcano Point', 'hazard': 'volcano', 'source': 'smithsonian', 'layer_geometry': 'point', 'layer_purpose': 'hazard', 'layer_mode': 'classified', } exposure_keywords = { 'license': 'Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL)', 'keyword_version': 3.2, 'structure_class_field': 'TYPE', 'title': 'Buildings', 'layer_geometry': 'polygon', 'source': 'OpenStreetMap -', 'date': '26-03-2015 14:03', 'layer_purpose': 'exposure', 'layer_mode': 'classified', 'exposure': 'structure'} impact_functions = ImpactFunctionManager().filter_by_keywords( hazard_keywords, exposure_keywords) message = 'There should be 1 impact function, but there are: %s' % \ len(impact_functions) self.assertEqual(1, len(impact_functions), message) retrieved_if = impact_functions[0].metadata().as_dict()['id'] expected = ImpactFunctionManager().get_function_id( VolcanoPointBuildingFunction) message = 'Expecting %s, but getting %s instead' % ( expected, retrieved_if) self.assertEqual(expected, retrieved_if, message)