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# coding=utf-8
InaSAFE Disaster risk assessment tool developed by AusAid -
**Test for Building Exposure Report Mixin**

Contact : [email protected]

.. note:: This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
     it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
     the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
     (at your option) any later version.

__author__ = 'Christian Christelis <[email protected]>'

__date__ = '27/07/2015'
__copyright__ = ('Copyright 2012, Australia Indonesia Facility for '
                 'Disaster Reduction')

import unittest
import safe.impact_functions.core  # pylint: disable=unused-import
from safe.impact_reports.population_exposure_report_mixin import (

# noinspection PyArgumentList
[docs]class PopulationExposureReportMixinTest(unittest.TestCase): """Test the ReportMixin. .. versionadded:: 3.2 """ # noinspection PyPep8Naming
[docs] def setUp(self): """Fixture run before all tests.""" self.population_mixin_blank = PopulationExposureReportMixin() self.population_mixin = PopulationExposureReportMixin() self.population_mixin.affected_population['High'] = 100 self.population_mixin.affected_population['Medium'] = 100 self.population_mixin.affected_population['Low'] = 100 self.population_mixin.total_population = 400 self.population_mixin.unaffected_population = ( self.population_mixin.total_population - self.population_mixin.total_affected_population) self.population_mixin.minimum_needs = [ { 'frequency': 'test frequency', 'unit': {'abbreviation': 'u'}, 'name': 'test name 1', 'value': '1', }, { 'frequency': 'test frequency', 'unit': {'abbreviation': 'u'}, 'name': 'test name 2', 'value': '2', } ]
[docs] def tearDown(self): """Run after each test.""" del self.population_mixin_blank del self.population_mixin
[docs] def test_0001_generate_report(self): """Generate a blank report.""" blank_report = self.population_mixin_blank.generate_report() blank_report = blank_report.to_text() expected_strings = [ u'**Population needing evacuation <sup>1</sup>**, 0', u'**Unaffected population**, 0', u'Evacuated population minimum needs', u'Action checklist', u'How will warnings be disseminated?', u'How will we reach evacuated people?', (u'Are there enough shelters and relief items available ' u'for 0 people?'), (u'If yes, where are they located and how will we ' u'distribute them?'), (u'If no, where can we obtain additional relief items ' u'from and how will we transport them to here?')] for item in expected_strings: self.assertIn(item, blank_report)
[docs] def test_0002_category_ordering(self): """Test correct category ordering.""" category_ordering = self.population_mixin.impact_category_ordering expected_category_ordering = ['High', 'Medium', 'Low'] message = 'Category ordering is not as expected.' self.assertListEqual( category_ordering, expected_category_ordering, message)
[docs] def test_0003_minimum_needs_breakdown(self): """Test minimum needs breakdown.""" needs_breakdown = self.population_mixin.minimum_needs_breakdown() needs_breakdown = needs_breakdown.to_text() expected_needs = [ u'Evacuated population minimum needs', u'**Relief items to be provided test frequency**', u'test name 1 [u], 300', u'test name 2 [u], 600' ] for item in expected_needs: self.assertIn(item, needs_breakdown)
[docs] def test_0004_population_counts(self): """Test correct category ordering.""" other_population_counts = self.population_mixin.other_population_counts affected_population = self.population_mixin.affected_population unaffected_population = self.population_mixin.unaffected_population total_affected_population = ( self.population_mixin.total_affected_population) message = 'Total affected population is as expected.' self.assertEqual( total_affected_population, 300, message) message = 'Total unaffected population is as expected.' self.assertEqual( unaffected_population, 100, message) message = 'Total affected population is as expected.' self.assertEqual( total_affected_population, 300, message) message = 'Other population is empty.' self.assertDictEqual( other_population_counts, {}, message ) expected_affected_population = { 'High': 100, 'Medium': 100, 'Low': 100 } message = 'Affected population is as expected.' self.assertDictEqual( affected_population, expected_affected_population, message)
[docs] def test_0005_lookup_category(self): """Test the category lookup functionality""" high = self.population_mixin.lookup_category('High') low = self.population_mixin.lookup_category('Low') total = self.population_mixin.lookup_category('Total Impacted') nothing = self.population_mixin.lookup_category('Nothing') message = 'High population category as expected.' self.assertEqual(high, 100, message) message = 'Low population category as expected.' self.assertEqual(low, 100, message) message = 'Total population category as expected.' self.assertEqual(total, 300, message) message = 'Non-existent category should not have anything.' self.assertIsNone(nothing, message)
if __name__ == '__main__': suite = unittest.makeSuite(PopulationExposureReportMixinTest) runner = unittest.TextTestRunner(verbosity=2)